First DGN Design Jam… Invitation only…

June 25, 2009 | Thursday | 6 - 8:30pm

601 W. 26th Street #1820, New York, NY 10001


Join us at Smart Design in NYC on June 25 to uncover insights and opportunities for the sustainable workplace. These insights will form the brief for the next web-based Design Green Now contest.

- Invitation only (via Design Green Now Newsletter)
- 40 person limit
- Pre-event research required

The Big Questions
• How can sustainable thinking be integrated into a team based, dynamic creative workshop?
• How should we balance user needs, brand and business goals and sustainability?

A 3hr workshop aimed at inspiring new thinking about sustainability and the workspace. The workshop will take participants through a scenario‐based approach to uncovering opportunities and identifying sustainable solutions.

Design brief
Typical employees spend at least a third of their waking hours (per week) in the workplace. Much of our individual environmental impact is caused by work related activities. How can we enable businesses and employees to create more sustainable workspaces and practices?

For the purposes of this workshop, we will focus on a fictitious small design/media business (less than 100 employees) which has taken some initial steps to reduce its carbon footprint and is committed
making smarter choices in reducing consumption. The company is looking to invest in new solutions which will have a positive impact on its brand, employees and clients as well as the environment. You will choose 3 brand attributes (from a broader set of attributes) to represent this organization and give it a name.

We will examine 4 categories of activity that occur within the company: Basic Needs, Collaboration, Personal Space, and Communication. Each participant will be assigned to one activity area and will carry out some preliminary background research prior to the workshop. Groups will be formed upon arrival at Smart.