Going with the Grain Challenge: Hardware Option

September 9th, 2008

EcoSystems Alpha Hardware
EcoSystems Alpha Hardware

Alpha is a series of 3 connectors that allow you to connect horizontal and vertical wood surfaces. Male and female connectors attach independently to the surfaces and then slot together with a proprietary fitting. This allows flat-pack of your design and tool-free assembly. Think LEGO more than IKEA. The two different females, one single-sided and one double-sided, provide both connecting and extending options. Download the PDF below for specifics on how to use the connectors.

Hardware Files

PDF – Description and guidelines to incorporate the hardware.

3DM – Rhino 3D file

3DS – 3D Studio Max file

DWG – AutoCAD Drawing 3D file

DXF – AutoCAD Drawing Exchange 3D file

IGS – IGES 3D file